Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what a tease...

I didn't even notice this the first few times I read the interview with El Mayo, but when Scherer asks to tape record it, El Mayo says no. But, he adds: "Another time. You have my word."

Given his position and reputation, I would have to assume El Mayo is a man of his word. In which case, the other interview has probably already happened, as it's highly unlikely the drug lord would arrange another of these meetings after the first interview was published. This may explain the delay in publication. It would also imply that we're set for a hell of an edition next week in Proceso. Will Chapo talk too?

It'd be like Simon and Garfunkel getting back together. (Inside joke: once upon a time, a now-famous and serious editor of mine was over the moon about their reunion, and asked that I interview both of them simultaneously. Guess which one said yes...)

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