Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drug wars lead to war

Predictable, yet interesting findings on effects of drug crackdowns. (Link in title.)

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  1. Hey Malcomb, so where do you stand on the Arizona racial profiling law #1070? Are you sitting on the fence or are you a closet supporter of #1070?
    Your banner states "News and analysis on the global war on organized crime" and I and many people feel that the Arizona White Peoples Party aka The Arizona Republican Party, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpayaso and his 3,000 member "posse", Republican Governor Jan Brewer, former Republican Congressman JD Hayworth and probable next Arizona Senator, "I'm against not only illegal immigration but legal immigration as well, too many Mexicans in Arizona trying to establish an Aztec state in place of American sovreignty in the Southwest",
    Arizona Senator John "some brown people may be profiled and arrested, that's just too bad" McCain, and the rest the rest of the Organized Crime Cartel of Arizona, who want to maintain control by scaring off the Mexicans who vote mainly Democrat.
    Were do you stand Malcomb? You suspiciously haven't mentioned a thing about the Arizona White Peoples Crime Cartel, what's up with this?