Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cartels = terrorists?

My latest piece on the drug war, on (Link in title)

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  1. What a phony movie type scenario Walser paints.
    Chapo's hitmen, Columbian Coke Maestro's, and Al Qaeda zealots, all in some west African Bar, sharing hookers and drinks, plotting the takeover of the world.
    This guys been watching too many James Bond Movies, or listening to the baloney from the right wing "Heritage Foundation". Come to think of it what would make a good movie scene would go something like this.
    Disgraced 911 CIA agents , Heritage Foundation facist propagandists, Fundamentalist Christian Crusaders, and burned out mercenaries from Iraq and the Blackwater Co. all plotting on how to take over the world.
    Hey what a high concept! It could be the new summer X Men like money maker flick.