Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zetas and more

Apparently the military arrested a top Zeta in Monterrey on Aug. 29. Juan Francisco Zapata Gallegos, aka El Billy, was the jefe of the Monterrey plaza, or drug smuggling turf.

That's a pretty big bust, given the trouble Los Zetas have been causing in Monterrey of late. Of course, it doesn't mean they won't replace him, but it's still a good get. I didn't see it reported much, so thought I'd mention it now.

Incidentally, anyone know how much a jefe de plaza makes these days? According to a counter-drug official I talked to a while back, the jefe of the Ciudad Juarez plaza makes around $1 million a week. Not bad, if you can survive it for, well, a week or so. I welcome any input on what other jefes de plaza make if anyone knows.

Again incidentally, I am once again predicting that El Lazca, the head of Los Zetas, will be the next man to fall. I know I'm kinda all over the place with these unfounded predictions, but I'm guessing that I'm guessing right this time.

PS - El Universal has a piece on La Barbie's arrest, and the apparent story behind the officially concocted story. I wouldn't want to be in Garcia Luna's shoes. If he made up the story about the operativo, then I reckon he's getting a serious grilling from Calderon right now. Would be interesting if he were to survive allegations of cartel links only to be removed for taking credit for a raid that never happened.


  1. Am curious, out of all the possible jefes, what prompted your prediction that Lazcano will be "next to fall"?

  2. One way to start nailing the Top Bosses from the Zetas is, getting the Governors of Coahuila, Tamualipas,Veracruz, and Hidalgo with all correspond to the ZETA turf.... Speacially Coahuila which is their state of confort!! Ask Humberto Moriera