Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My latest

I just wrote a piece in The Sun, the Murdoch-owned UK tabloid, about Chapo, the Sinaloa cartel's growth, and warnings of Mexican influence in Europe. The stuff about Europe is meant to be a cautious warning, not fear-mongering hyperbole, and I hope this comes across in the piece. Beheadings won't come to Britain anytime soon, but there's little doubt Mexican drugs are already operating with local gangs there.


  1. Isn't it a few centuries too late for beheadings to "come to Britain"... didn't it used to be a popular entertainment?

  2. I used that article from The Sun as a link, thanks.

  3. Beheadings is a way to diminish a human to it's least possible form. Those acts are known as messages from cartel to cartel, or whoever. It goes to show how poor of an intelligence system Mexico has. I would not be afraid of seeing mutilations in UK, rather I would be careful on who they admit into their country. Drug Cartels are using their dollar power to go in any "markets" and they can afford it all. SO the number one concern should be tightening of your borders and lowering consumption amongst your youngsters.
    Mexico has to commit to the international community and make less flashier captures but rather more effective ones. I can't care less if the present El Chapo in the media or any other drug lord for that matter, as long as in Mexico there would be less violence, less illegal operations and less hypocrisy by the law.