Monday, September 6, 2010

Pena Nieto the super hero

Prior to several of the videos about La Barbie's arrest on El Universal's web site, a short ad featuring Enrique Pena Nieto has been running. The effect of this is interesting. Even though I know full well that Pena Nieto had very little to do with the capture of La Barbie (it did occur in his state, however, so he may or may not have been notified of the operativo) I am left with the comforting thought that he and security are synonymous. Excellent ad placement, PRI, most excellent.


  1. pottery hero... we need no sugar heroes, claiming the accidental capture of a drug lord is just admitting to the dis functionality of a broken system. Pena Nieto is out for an election and every penny he can collect in the way he will use...think of the major of the capital city of Tamaulipas for instance, rumors say e hired some bodyguards from the middle east to look after him....what does Pena Nieto have then? and why do they have that? who pays for that and who do they ask to approve that for them? can we all have Israeli guards? can we just fire every corrupt cop in mexico? looks rather complex doesn't it? and I'd love to have them all of those authorities explaining to the people their actions

  2. Malcom, please start using the letter " ñ"