Thursday, September 9, 2010

more on la barbie

So the word on the street is that La Barbie was actually busted for speeding, and when asked by the police what he was doing and who he was, he admitted to being a drug trafficker -ie, he turned himself in.
More to come on this when I know more: if this is true, one would have to wonder where the story about more than 1,000 federal police storming his villa came from.

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  1. there are so many versions on the capture of this guy... the real thing is that the clumsiness in his capture and the way it was presented shadow the whole operation. Mistake, coincidences or a true operation of intelligence...who cares, the game isn't over yet. It's proven to be another bad guy who's smirk upon his media presentation seemed pretty cleaver. I read one article which read "Authorities can't wait to have La barbie extradited" then went on saying that the cops feared Barbie's allies would come and rescue him... bottom line is, the violence since his capture is no less, nor less cruel or bloodier than before. Drugs continue to flow and people's fear is equally growing every day