Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yet another prison break...

"One day, it's going to explode," said Matamoros prison warden Jaime Cano Gallardo when I met him early last year.

He was right: today, 41 inmates escaped from his prison. I don't know much more than that, will post again when I do.

For the record, Cano Gallardo seemed a likeable, honest guy. He carried a gun around for his own protection, but didn't come across as any sort of thug. He asked if I'd put a good word in for him with his superiors, as he knew full well what fate would likely befall him. He knew he didn't have much of a chance getting the prison in order, or preventing a major escape if one was organized. His priority was improving conditions and morale, in part by supporting the prison's baseball team, which won the city championship.

In the fine tradition of the Mexican judicial system, Cano Gallardo will likely be removed of his post and jailed, pending investigation. If there is a real investigation, then he'll probably be found guilty (most big escapes involve buying off the warden; whether he has a choice or not is another matter); if there isn't a thorough investigation, he'll likely be branded a crook for the rest of his life regardless.

I have to admit, I have sympathy for the guy, even if he was completely complicit. I just don't know how anyone in law enforcement or similar positions can do their job properly in this day and age in Mexico.

PS - photo above is the Matamoros prison in less tumultuous times.

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