Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everybody's helping Chapo

So now the authorities say that the conflicts within the Gulf cartel and the Beltran Leyva organization are likely to give a boost to none other than Chapo.

Is there anyone/anything that isn't helping this guy?

More than likely, it's Chapo's sense of strategy that is keeping him above the fray. According to the DEA, he recently made alliances with the Gulf and La Familia to head off Los Zetas. Chapo, as greedy and ambitious as he has always been, has also always been very pragmatic. He's always known when to cut his losses (he left Tamaulipas in 2005, after waging a brutal war, because he saw more opportunity in the meth trade) and when to move in on turf through alliances (after fall of Arellano Felix bros in Tijuana; when La Familia started gaining clout in Michoacan, for example).

He also knows when to forgive and forget. (Striking a deal with a traditional rival, the Gulf cartel, against Los Zetas.) Which brings us to the next bit of speculation: is La Barbie, the Texas-born narco who's getting a fair bit of press right now, ready to strike a deal with Chapo and re-enter the Sinaloa fold?

La Barbie was trained as a "bill collector" by Chapo and the Beltran Leyvas, and then became the Beltran Leyvas' primary sicario. When the brothers and Chapo split, La Barbie went with the former. He's now believed to be taking control of old Beltran Leyva turf in Morelos.

I reckon Chapo will let the past be the past, and make a deal with him.

TOMORROW: How the federal government is supporting Chapo, explained from my point of view.

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