Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chapo in Honduras?

Rumor has it that Chapo is in Honduras. For the past few weeks, press reports citing Honduran officials like the security minister have speculated over whether Chapo is in the Copan region, near the border with Guatemala. Apparently he's resting; apparently he's attended a few parties; apparently Los Tigres del Norte played for him there.

Before anyone gets too excited, a DEA source says the rumors are just that – rumors.
A pretty reliable source in Sinaloa, meanwhile, says that Chapo's still believed to be hanging out in those parts.

What was the deadline for his capture– mid-April? I'm gonna put my bet on a frontal assault in the sierras of Sinaloa, rather than some hamfisted operation that leaves him dead and mutilated somewhere like Honduras. There would be too much mystery surrounding the latter; if the Calderon administration truly wants to wrap this up or give the appearance of doing so, it should hit Chapo at home – with plenty of witnesses.
(This time though, try not to desecrate the body, ok guys?)

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