Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Juarez affair

Three Americans, all linked to the US Consulate, killed in Ciudad Juarez. Authorities are following the line that it was the work of Los Aztecas, the gang usually linked to the Juarez cartel.

I'm trying to make sense of this, and not getting much information. So I'll do a little speculating, given that this is a blog and I can do that.

MIchel Marizco ( backs up a theory I was told by a Juarez police source – that it was actually Chapo's people.

But everyone else is saying it was Los Aztecas. There is an explanation for this: as of relatively recently, Los Aztecas apparently have been working for both Chapo and the rival Juarez cartel – the reason being that the latter lost its grip on the gang, which like most gangs, isn't ideologically tied down.

So that could explain the apparently contradicting theories.

Now for the consulate connection. This is a pretty brazen attack, regardless of whodunnit. I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark, and say that I believe that at least one of the consulate employees was DEA. The fact that no one interviewed for the news reports who knew her actually knew what she did at the consulate seems a little odd to me. Either they knew and they're not telling or they didn't know because she never told them, but anytime anyone works at a consulate in a city like Juarez, most people they know at least ask what it's like to work there. Unless they aren't supposed to ask questions. Anyway, it's only a theory.

But one thing I was thinking (and Marizco points this out as well) is that this past week, there was a pretty big trial in El Paso, in which members of Chapo's organization testified. One witness was a former Juarez police officer, who spilled a fair amount of beans on Chapo's organization and the man himself. I don't know if these killings have anything to do with it, but I am quite sure it's possible.

Which would again bring it all back to Chapo.

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  1. Just wondering about a few things. Wouldn't hits like these have to be approved at a high level? Wouldn't someone at that level suspect that hitting consular personnel, or DEA types, be very bad for business? Could some one else (not Chapo) be behind this, say like the Mexican military / government? Frankly, my strange mind can take that one and run wild with it. Ah, Ni modo.

    Nice Blog by the way. Good job. I just stumbled across the blog and I hope to continue to follow your articles.