Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nacho libre?

Guadalajara's buzzing with the news that Ignacio Nacho Coronel Villareal, one of Chapo's top sidekicks (aka the King of Ice, the King of Crystal, Nachito, and so on), may have been captured. Local officials are saying that the identity of the suspect has yet to be confirmed, which explains why no media are jumping on this; the officials say it will be the feds who make any announcement if it is indeed Nacho.
This would of course be big news, and make one wonder whether a) it's proof of the gov't finally coming down on Chapo and his Sinaloa crew or b) Chapo gave up Nacho Coronel, as it's said he did with Alfredo Beltran Leyva, in order to preserve his own freedom.

Incidentally, some locals in Guadalajara say Chapo made one of his famous restaurant appearances there about two months ago. No one confirmed this so it could well be just myth (like a lot of the stories about the guy) but worth noting I think. He's always considered Guadalajara a safe haven, and that would be one city where he might choose to hide out. But if Nacho got caught there, is it possible that Chapo was with him, or nearby? Is it possible they've caught Chapo and aren't telling just yet?

PS - Michel Marizco of fame is also reporting that border law enforcement sources are saying Nacho's been caught.

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  1. Naaaaah, He has been caught, BUT; they will try to exchange him for the Old Dinosaur form the Ruling Party (PAN).