Sunday, May 2, 2010

Calderon, right back at you

I find it weird that the very right-wing Washington Times has a very appropriate piece regarding the Arizona immigration law. (Link in title of pose.) It points out Mexico's hypocrisy. I believe some of the facts about Mexican enforcement are wrong, and the quotes from rabid republicans are gratuitous (as can be expected from this paper) but the overall point is a good one to make right now. (I tried with various liberal media, none accepted.) I wish the more liberal media outlets had the spine to point out hypocrisy when they see it, even if they condemn Arizona's law. It helps inform people of what's going on, of the politicking involved, and in this instance, could push both the government of Mexico and of the US to do something about treatment of immigrants in general, on a federal level.

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  1. I can understand why a "liberal media!" source wouldn't want an article using this set of "facts" about Mexican law. Or any reputable publication, of whatever stripe. The Washington Times is using the 2000 Ley de poblaciones when the law was completely changed in 2008. The penalty for undocumented entry is a fine -- of up to 100 salarios minimos. And a "felony" is a concept in Anglo-Saxon Common Law that doesn't exist in Roman Code, the source of Mexican law.