Thursday, May 13, 2010

Griselda let go

Chapo's wife Griselda Lopez Perez has been released by the authorities, suggesting a) she no longer has much to do with the guy, at least not enough to warrant the authorities holding her b) she was let go because the authorities are favoring the Sinaloa cartel or c) she was let go because the authorities hope to use her to nab Chapo. They tried that last time when they detained one of his sons, Ivan Archivaldo, and Chapo apparently was furious about the attempts to lure him in. (There was also speculation that Chapo then turned in Alfredo Beltran Leyva in order to get his son out of prison.)

I'm betting on C. But interestingly, in the seven buildings the authorities raided in Culiacan (Ms Lopez Perez was in one of them), they didn't find any weapons or the usual narco junk – just a few laptops, jewelry and some nice cars. So maybe she's not that close to Chapo and his narco crew anymore after all.

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