Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's been a while since I last blogged, my apologies to those who follow, I'm currently enrolled in a Master's degree course on War Studies. I will start blogging on subjects pertaining to my studies in the coming weeks; in the meantime, I'm going to post daily about some of the victims of the drug war in recent years, whose stories I've come across in my research. Jan. 1, 2008 Mia Alvarado Rodriguez was tucked up in her bed in her parents' house in Ciudad Juarez, asleep. It was five minutes past midnight. Her father heard a cry. He ran to the bedroom Mia shared with her three siblings. Mia was standing up, or at least, trying to. Blood was streaming down her front. She had been hit by a stray bullet from an AK-47. Mia would die six days later. She was only three years old.

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  1. chapo will not be the last narco,obviously you or the usgov will never change mexico exactly like italy has never changed or spain for you actually realize how integrated chapo really is?he is the last secret general of the mexican version of the secret service.calderon and fox could not control him.pena nieto is his worker,the pri unfortunatly is back which is scary,but it means chapo general jaq is safer now.i am personally a big fan of sr guzman loera,and hope he is never caught.i dont understand why they have put the guy on as #1 most wanted,only because of his tunnels being a national security threat.he hasnt seemed to let any terrorists in thus far but who us gov has made him most wanted like a terrorist well maybe they are gonna force him to do something terrorist like in response to this act of listing him with you really think he exitted prison in a laundry cart?cmon buddy!there was a need to separate the drug business from the mex gov. create the dope trafficking robin hood.the pans idea to look good,but business as usual.lets talk about why los zetas are not on the number 1 spot on americas most wanted list?baby killers?
    chapo is not reponsible for these crimes that seem to meld with the act of a bunch of cockroaches calling themselves a cartel,zetas,salvatrushas etc.
    ive been to casa verde in culiacan sinaloa,ive been living in mexico 12 years.what i find scary is not chapo ,how about pena nieto and his click now thats scary.anyway the general public loves sr guzman and the places he controls in mexico are the most calm places like northern baja where i reside,look at tamalipas or vera cruz,id never visit any of thos or juarez for example.there is at least one sincere american fan of mr