Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From the Dept. of Terrible Headlines

Fox News has a new story about the Mexican drug war, with the headline: Is Mexico our ally or our Enemy?

This is inflammatory nonsense. Disagree as the two nations might about what to do with the drug cartels and drug consumption, Mexico and the United States are allies, always will be (contrary to George Friedman's prediction that war will break out in the next 100 years between the two countries) and the media and politicians should stop stirring things up at a time when cooperation is at an all-time high, and is absolutely crucial to progress.


  1. Malcolm,

    Thank you so much for this great comment on Fox News' non sensical propaganda against Mexico.

    Mexico is one the most important trading partners of the US. Mexico buys more than 11% of all american exports, only Canada buys more American goods than Mexico, no other country in Latin America, Asia or Europe buys more goods from US than Mexico.
    We in Mexico are addicted consumers of US made products, from cars and airplanes to all kinds of goods, foods and services.
    While in other continents people sniff at american products leaving them on the shelves, Mexicans have long trusted good american know-how and have always bought their products and services know that what is made in the US is always good, reliable products.

    Thousands of American companies do business in Mexico, many partner with Mexican enterprises and have join-ventures, many others have a long history working in the country, like Ford, GM, GE and many others. There are more than 2 million americans established in the country, entire communities of americans living amongst us, they are treated well here and we have never been hostile to them.

    Mexicans have long absorbed many cultural values of Americans, food, music, art and many other societal forms.

    Today, there's more integration than ever and more cooperation between our governments than has ever been in our long shared history.

  2. José Angel... USAnians have long absorbed many cultural values of Mexicans...and a third of the country! :-)

  3. Malcom... Do yuo have any idea of how Mexican Crime Cartels interact with USA Crime Cartels?... I do not belive that only Mexicans are the drug dealers... What about inside the USA?