Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rapper glorifies El Chapo

So the New York rapper, Tony Yayo, has decided to put El Chapo on the cover of his new album. (It's on itunes, called "El Chapo" if you want to not buy it.)

I used to sympathize a little with rappers who wrote about drugs and dealers, the street life they had grown up in, because it drew attention to the plight of many young minorities in the United States. But this is pushing it way beyond the limit.

There's a lyric in Yayo's song "Orange and black caviar" which goes: "A little drug money never hurt nobody, El Chapo 18 cars..." (I think it's cars, or he could be referring to carats, as in gold, not sure)

A little drug money never hurt nobody? Really? 40,000 people dead and climbing. Beheadings on a daily basis. Hundreds of migrants kidnapped and executed at a time. Top police commanders killed. Innocent teenagers and children killed intentionally and in crossfires. I could continue...


  1. As a US street cop, (and one very familiar with all the recent horrific events takin place down South) I stop a northbound car with 4 young men northbound towards Wa State. They are dresses to the high-nines and one smiles at me and says with a big smile, "I can play these here and there is nothing you can do correcto?" Looking through the beautiful stingray leather case full of Narco ballads, I asked him "why he asks? *Well aware these songs and there content are banned in much of Mexico. He smiles and said, "I just wanted to check"....and smiled. But, there was something unique about his smile. He had a gold overlay of a marijuaja leaf prominently displayed on one of his front teeth. Ahhh, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!

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  3. Hows this any different than rappers glorifying scarface, al capone, john gotti or any other mob.. Oh right this guys mexican and we hate them.