Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go to war with Mexico?

Paul Hair of the Washington Examiner has some very well-reasoned thoughts to offer on the Mexican drug war.

"Why not go to war with Mexico instead of Libya?" he asks on the paper's web site.

He questions whether Libyans are a direct threat to US national security, as the drug cartels supposedly are. "If people need another war, let us declare war against Mexico," he writes. The estimated 11 million illegal aliens living inside the US crossed the border, which by Hair's reasoning, "amounts to an invasion and occupation of our nation."

The US government, he says, should tell "Calderón to end his War on America (illegal immigration)," or face the consequences.

Christ almighty. I hope I never run into this guy, anywhere, ever.


  1. My curiousity as to why these things happen and now my belief that none of it is in a vacuum prompts me to ask, can there be a movement that is beginning to come out of the closet re; making a war on Mx or and invasion of sorts in Mexico under the guise of helping weith the Narcotrafficing? The drones are one thing. That the Zetas were trained in the US is another red flag and a disturbing piece of the puzzle. The Naomi Klien "Shock Doctrine" combined with the followers of Milton Friedman' Chicago school of finance among the wealty Mexicans in DF are but a few clues that point to a possible conspiracy. One of the questions that come to mind is WHO was the original boss.. group who really hired the Zetas? Do you know that portion of the history? Thanks

  2. hi Victoria, the original Zetas were hired by Osiel Cardenas Guillen, the head of the Gulf cartel. They were 32 former members of elite Mexican. special forces. The rumours of them having been trained by the US is denied by the US, and I think is actually just a myth that has come to be believed over time. There were elite special forces in Mexico who were trained by the US, but I don't believe there is any evidence that any of the Zetas were among them.
    Hope that answers your questions