Friday, July 16, 2010

car bomb in Juarez

Everyone is reporting on the car bomb in Ciudad Juarez, and how it adds a new dimension to the war on drugs. Actually, car bombs (i believe multiple) were detonated in Sinaloa in 2008. So it's not really a new dimension, more of an ugly new twist.


  1. Malcolm, do you have more information on the 2008 Sinaloa events? Thanks.

  2. i don't offhand, sorry. but try El Debate online, they should have reported it

  3. I think they were also used with more frequency in the MA Felix Gallardo-Rafael Caro Quintero era. I believe I read about them using car bombs at one point as an assassination method.

  4. OK guys, thanks. I noticed MSNBC is not covering this this morning at all.

  5. Welcome to the lovely failed state of mexico.

  6. Based on Google News Archive, looks like, historically, revolutionary groups have used similar tactics more often than organized crime (dates might not be exact). W.r.t. to car bombs, they've either been crude and fuel-based, or under 50 lbs so, in the words of George Friedman, they're more like "bombs in cars" than "car bombs":
    *Insurgents or outbound foreign targets*
    1959 Apr - Puerto Kino Sonora, Tigres Voladores airplane bomb
    1959 Sep - D.F., Mexicana airplane bomb
    1973 Sep - Guadalajara Jalisco, guerillas bomb toy store
    1981 Dec - D.F., Aeronica airplance bomb (destination nicaragua)
    1985 Jan - La Paz, Lloyd Aèreo Boliviano airplane bomb (destination bolivia)
    1991 Aug - D.F., leftist group bombings of three corporate locations
    1994 Jan - D.F. and Acapulco, EZLN bombings
    2001 Aug - D.F, leftist group bombings of Banamex branches
    2006 Nov - D.F., EPR bombings at PRI installations
    2007 Jul - Guanajuato & Celaya Guanajuato, two EPR bombings of PEMEX gas lines
    2007 Aug - Oaxaca, EPR bombing of Sears store
    2007 Sep - Veracruz & Tlaxcala, two EPR bombings of PEMEX facilities

    *Drug war targets*
    1992 - Culiacan Sinaloa, two car bombs attempting to kill "El Mayo" Zambada
    1994 Jun - Guadalajara Jalisco, 10-22 lbs, car bomb outside Camino Real hotel
    2008 Jul - Culiacan, two car bombs at two residences
    2008 Sep - Morelia Michoacan, grenades launched at crowd
    2010 Jul 5 - Juarez, La Linea detonate car bomb, 22lbs, targetting Federal Police.
    2010 Jul 19 - Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas, Zetas detonate car bomb in front of police headquarters
    2010 Aug 13 - Tamaulipas & Nuevo Leon, Zetas Grenade attacks at two Televisa stations
    2010 Aug 26 - San Fernando Tamaulipas, Zetas detonate two car bombs in front of a Televisa station

  7. I should add that this is based on searching Google archive so it's probably not exhaustive and goes up only until Aug 2010.