Friday, December 25, 2009

Mexico's Lindsay Lohan obsession

Because it's Christmas, (and because it's my second day blogging) I'm posting something a little less serious: Why is Mexico's leading daily El Universal so obsessed with Lindsay Lohan? Every day, nearly without fail, next to images and stories about the drug war, Ms. Lohan is featured on the paper's home page.

A recent sampling of headlines:
Lindsay gets naked for Muse magazine
Lindsay hits her mom
Lindsay rejects going to rehab
Lindsay gives designing a try
Lindsday won't get naked, not even for one million dollars
Lindsay Lohan is obsessed with Marilyn
Lindsay, in search of a new romance

No other celeb gets such attention. Why Lohan? Is there something I'm missing here?
"Lindsay, ligada al cartel del Golfo, dice PGR"?

(This photo of Lohan is the one El Universal used to accompany its mother-beating story. nice selection.)


  1. I agree that Lohan gets a ton of ink, but I think Megan Fox deserves a spot alongside Lohan, she gets more space in el Uni than pretty much all cabinet members other than Carstens and Garcia Luna. I remember one where the headline was basically, "Megan Fox doesn't find herself attractive".

  2. agreed. every week or should i say every other day, Megan Fox makes news in El Universal. Makes me lose respect for the paper because it looks like a bunch of 15 yr olds are writing for it.